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Our Mission Statement

Through education, awareness and resources, Animal Aid USA is empowering people to make changes in the lives of shelter animals.

Established in 2012 as a 501c3, Animal Aid USA is comprised of ALL volunteers.  We relocate animals from kill-shelters to loving homes via its large network of rescue groups and volunteers.  Through our rescue and relocation model, dogs about to be euthanized are saved. We provide them with all necessary veterinary treatment including vaccines, spay/neuter and heartworm treatment.  Once they are healthy and ready to be adopted, we transport them to our receiving rescues or private adopters.  On average, we rescue over 300 dogs each month.  To date, we have rescued and provided veterinary care to over 25,000 pets.

Through its lobbying efforts and petitions, Animal Aid USA strives to end animal cruelty, focusing on banning inhumane ways animals are euthanized such as the gas chamber and intracardiac injection without anesthesia. Animal Aid USA also uses its resources and lobbying efforts to support the banning of puppy mills and provides funds to support spay and neuter programs in low-income communities