Created in January of 2012 by a group of volunteer animal lovers who receive no monetary compensation, Animal Aid USA members drive more than 1,600 miles each month in order to relocate animals from high-kill shelters to receiving rescues and homes. Besides finding homes for animals that face an uncertain future, Animal Aid USA raises money to fund spay and neuter programs in low income communities and raise awareness of the legal cruelties happening daily in the U.S., such as the gas chamber. In July, Animal Aid raised awareness of the cruelty of gas chamber euthanasia through the Amazing Grace Caravan. This caravan also saved 144 shelter animals. In total, the volunteers of Animal Aid USA have rescued more than 2,200 animals.

The members of Animal Aid also believe that with the proper education, the generation of tomorrow, will help us continue improving the lives of animals. This is accomplished by our Animal Aid Club.

It’s important to mention again that we are all volunteers. If you choose to join us on our mission rest assured your money will go to the animals. We are not here to make money, we are here to speak for the animals and represent them in ways they can’t. We are their voices. If you, like us, are an animal lover and wish to help, please join our mailing list. We encourage any help you can provide us including sharing this site with your friends. Please take time to browse our web pages. We have some very important information to share with you. And please, before you shop look to adopt and never forget to be kind to animals. With a world this beautiful, there is no room for cruelty. Thank you.