Through education, awareness and resources, Animal Aid USA is empowering people to make change in their world for shelter animals.

Established in 2012 as a 501c3, Animal Aid USA relocates animals in kill-shelters to loving homes through its large network of rescue groups and volunteers. Through its lobbying efforts and petitions, Animal Aid USA strives to end animal cruelty, focusing on banning inhumane ways animals are euthanized such as the gas chamber (see our petition on the homepage and please remember to sign it) and intracardiac injection without anesthesia. Moreover, Animal Aid USA uses it resources and lobbying efforts to support the abolishment of puppy mills. As pet overpopulation is a serious problem in the United States, Animal Aid USA, through its member veterinarians, provides funds to support spay and neuter programs in low-income communities.

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As children are the voices and leaders of tomorrow, Animal Aid formed The Animal Aid Club which is dedicated to helping abandoned pets through our school system. With downloadable lesson plans from the American Humane Association, an entertaining Readers theatre play for students to perform, and access to an inspiring rescue documentary called "Take Me Home," Animal Aid Club gives one all the materials needed to start a club in their communities.

Through our rescue and relocation model, dogs about to be euthanized are saved. We provide them with the medical treatment they need before being transported across state lines.  Once they are healthy and ready to be adopted, we send their information to our receiving rescues.  Through our efforts, we rescue on average, over 200 dogs a month.  We want to increase this number but need your help.  To donate to our cause, please click here:  (please include the donate button here).  Your money will go directly to an animal in need.