Thank you to all the wonderful organizations who have come together to become one incredibly loud voice for the voiceless. Together , we CAN change the course of history for shelter animals!

  • Frank Leone

    frankFrank Leone has over two decades of experience in construction and management. He takes pride in addressing the specific needs of the individual homeowner of luxury properties and understanding the daily requirements necessary to maintain such massive estate homes. His loyalty, reliability and attention to detail is truly valued by each and every customer.

    Frank Leone is the President of the Oyster Bay Historical Society, where he is known for his charitable contributions and support for his neighborhood.

    Frank Leone, personally, invites you to discuss your needs. Whether it is renovation, new construction, or home management, call us for a private consultation at 516-807-5531.

    Frank has always had a love for animals and supports Animal Aid USA, along with his family. Leone Homes sponsored 5 cargo vans and fuel for the January 2013 transport. Thanks to this generous sponsorship, the LARGEST record number of animals rescued from the Liberty County GA area occurred on that trip. One hundred and eighty five animals lived and were transported to loving homes in the NorthEast because of the transport made available to get them home!

    Mr. Leone works very closely with Animal Aid USA and lives the same mission statement of longing to live in a world where every shelter animal has a home and is loved!

  • Diane Hanna

    Diane HannaDiane Hanna -Fitness trainer for 33 years, decided to take another avenue which led her to be the founder of Bellomarcopolo. As an animal advocate she always had a passion for animals,and as a result of her undying love of Marcopolo ,she created her greeting card company. Dianes pet photography business gets her the opportunity to make contributions to chosen charities.

    Bellomarcopolo believes so deeply for Animal Aid USA/ M.O.M.S. Rescue that he became a sponsor and a voice for the cause .As a result he is now a team member. Living on Long Island N.Y, Bellomarcopolo is currently spreading the news,developing public relations ,and chairing events for Animal Aid USA .....Bellomarcopolo kisses help foster donations to the wonderful cause!

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  • Rimma Rose

    rimmaroseRimma Rose was born in Ukraine on April 19, 1982. She moved to New York with her family at the age of sixteen. She immediately fell in love with New York, appreciating the culture, nightlife, and endless possibilities the city had to offer. A voracious reader with a passion for learning, it did not take Rimma long to adapt to her new life in US and to learn the English language, adding to her list of spoken languages that include Russian, Ukrainian, and Italian.

    Growing up Rimma always enjoyed the finer things in life; fashion, cars and reading books, especially history and philosophy. Her thirst for knowledge continued into her college years. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Politics from St. John’s University with a minor in History. In addition to education, Rose enjoys art, sports and traveling. Although she revels in acquired knowledge and academia, Rimma is far from being a studious introvert. She is social, active, fun-loving and a self-proclaimed fashionista.

    Following her undergraduate education, Rimma Rose enrolled in a Master’s program at the St. John’s Graduate School in Rome, Italy, obtaining her Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy, with minor in American Government and Public Administration. Rose was enamored with Italy and returned to Europe, this time as an intern at the U.S. Consulate in Milan, Italy. Rimma finalized her educational career by adding an MBA in International Business from Peter J. Tobin School of Business in Rome, Italy to her educational accomplishments.

    Rimma Rose has spent her time traveling between the US and Europe, becoming a real life jet-setter. Her love for fashion has truly been able to shine through, allowing her to attend New York and Milan fashion weeks, picking up all the latest trends while developing an impeccable sense of style. Living abroad for three and a half years, Rose was able to immerse in all the culture, history and infinitely beautiful romance offered by Italy, the eternal gem of the Western world.

    After completing her schooling and traveling, Rimma taught undergraduate courses in politics of Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and International Political Economy at her Alma mater, St. John’s University. Yet, she felt unsatisfied, constantly searching for her true passion and career path. Following her brief teaching tenure, Rose began writing and researching for her debut novel, “CURSED TO SURVIVE”. As with everything in her life - education, reading, work, travel, dance or fashion – Rimma Rose became obsessed with her project. Not only did her novel’s first order sell out in a matter of days from Barnes and, the book is also getting great reviews from the readers of all ages and educational and ethnic backgrounds proving to be an appealing read to a wide audience. Rose is now close to a completion of “CURSED TO SURVIVE”, Book II of the intended series. With such outstanding reviews “CURSED TO SURVIVE” has all the potential of becoming the next great story combining love, actual history, fashion, travel, adventure and intensely passionate relations between the novel’s characters.

    The pledge is 50% of all proceeds from all sales of the book through any channels and in any format will be donated to Animal Aid USA.

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  • Signature Pet Products

    Signature Pet ProductSignature Pet Products is delighted to announce its partnership with Animal Aid USA. Animal Aid is a non-profit organization that rescues animals from kill shelters and unwanted home situations and relocates them to loving homes in the Northeast. They also raise money for spay and neuter programs in low-income areas and aim to end the animal cruelty that exists all over the country.

    We support animal adoption and encourage you to do the same by partnering with Animal Aid USA or rescues in your area and help their fight to improve the lives of animals today. Please click the link below and visit Animal Aid's website for more informaton.

    While at your local pet store, ask about Signature Pet Products adoption program which makes free food available to newly adopted pets.

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  • American Humane Association

    American Humane AssociationSince 1877 American Humane Association has been at the forefront of virtually every major advance in protecting children, pets and farm animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect. Today we’re also leading the way in understanding the human-animal bond and its role in therapy, medicine and society. American Humane Association reaches millions of people every day through groundbreaking research, education, training and services that span a wide network of organizations, agencies and businesses. You can help make a difference, too.

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  • Making Of Miracle Stories

    Making Of Miracle StoriesFounded in 2010 as a way to continue to lifesaving mission that originated with St. Joseph Elementary, Paws for a Cause. MOMS is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to educate and spread awareness to our future rescuers, the children. The MOMS Rescue is the founding organization of Animal Aid and all the caravan trips to Georgia. Since December 2008, The MOMS have facilitated the rescue of over 2000 animals in shelters across the country personally rescuing well over 1000. MOMS are also the founders of Miracle Ranch in Ludowici, GA to be used as a quarantine facility for rescued animals awaiting transport.

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  • Royal Pet Club

    Royal Pet ClubRoyal Pet Club is the online retail website for Royal Treatment luxury pet products. The company donates 5% of net sales to Animal Aid to support spay and neuter in low income areas throughout the United States.

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  • Royal Treatment

    Royal TreatmentRoyal Treatment, a line of luxury pet products, together with Royal Pet Club, helps provide animal awareness throughout the United States. Specializing in the importance of controlling pet population, a portion or Royal Treatment sales is funded to support spay and neuter.

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  • Dogs on Death Row

    Dogs on Death RowDriven by a deep passion for animals, Jodie Richers founded Dogs on Death Row in 2007. Having worked in the nonprofit arena for many years as the director for One Child At A Time (an international aid and adoption organization), and also as a board member for Children's Charities of America, Jodie posesses a skill set ideal for leveraging dollars into the most efficient action possible to save the greatest number of dogs.

    Jodie is tireless in her efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for unwanted dogs everywhere. She is also committed to educating the public about the inhumane nature of gassing and heart prick as a means of killing animals.

    Although Jodie is the heart of DODR, many people contribute their time, talent, and treasure to keep us going. We hope that you, too, will become a valued DODR supporter and friend.

    We pride ourselves on our fiscal responsibility. Our overhead is less than 1%. Jodie has also founded the "Beat the Heat" Campaign. Countless amounts of dogs and cats will be sterilized through the month long campaign that will become an annual event.

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  • Ellen Strack

    Ellen StrackFounder South Jersey Horse Rescue, Mural Artist- Ellen has been interested in animal rights since she was young- her family always had cats from the pound and she worked in a dog kennel for many years as a teenager.

    Ellen volunteered artwork for PETA.

    Ellen's interest in horses began at the young age of 14 when her parents bought her first.
    At the age of 42, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. The oncologist told Ellen to fill her year of surgeries and chemo treatments with positive things.She leased a horse named Bailey and started her lifelong love of horses all over again. Thankfully she recovered quickly and began riding in shows, bought another horse Talvi and a baby draft horse named Fidar.

    Through social networking, Ellen discovered horse slaughter plants in Mexico and Canada and set out to dedicate her life to speaking for these gentle creatures. She bought a 31 acre farm in Weekstown NJ.
    Due is a large part to the economy, people are not able to afford their horses anymore, and send them to auctions, not realizing that horsemeat can now be sold for $1.10 a pound. About 1200 American pet horses are slaughtered inhumanely EVERY week.

    In December of 2009 Ellen founded, South Jersey All Breeds Horse Rescue and has rescued 25 horses from meat pens and from SPCA cruelty cases. The horses are rehabilitated, re-trained, if necessary and adopted out to good homes.

    The rescue survives only on Ellen's income and donations, since it has cost Ellen her marriage.
    "Horses are not raised to be meat animals and should not be slaughtered for human consumption."
    Ellen has selflessly lent her incredible talent of mural painting to the mobile medical unit that was donated in GA. This year Ellen's incredible masterpiece, The Amazing Grace Bus, features animal lover's sponsored pets. Animal lovers from as far away as Canada have sent in their pet's pictures for Ellen to paint. For more information on Ellen's artwork please call 609-965-0274

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  • Cesar's Way

    Cesar's WayCESAR'S WAY is for caring dog owners from dog experts around the country, and TV personality Cesar Millan TV's "Dog Whisperer". It provides information on having a dog as a part of your home, family and lifestyle.

    Each issue covers a broad range of topics including: canine health & wellness, nutrition, dog product reviews, animal welfare & rescue, dog adoption, dog breeds, training tips, grooming, traveling with your dog, how to keep your house clean with a dog, inspirational true stories about dogs and people, profiles of famous people and their dogs, reviews of books and entertainment.

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  • Take Action - Help Ban Animal Gas Chambers

    Take Action - Help Ban Animal Gas Chambers was founded 18 months ago by Chrissy Roberts & Megan Mason, it began as a Facebook page to create awareness. Today the page has over 35,000 followers & five administrators. There is also now a web site with a growing membership. Along the way we have gained a lot of information on this subject & we continue to get the word out, share info & help any & all "on the ground" efforts to end this unconscionable method of killing in the US. We will continue to fight for our aim until we win! It is shameful that this inhumane cruel & barbaric method of death is employed in such a world leading country, As a people we must be better .. As a Nation we must be better .. As a world we must be better than this .. every group starts with the first member please join us ...

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