Monthly Caravans

Each month the volunteers of Animal Aid drive from Southern NJ to Hinesville Georgia. We arrive at Animal control, unload hundreds of pounds of donated dog food and take pictures of dogs who desperately need to find homes.  Without our help, sadly, over 90% of these dogs would have no future.  These dogs are then transferred to our quarantine facility, Miracle Ranch, that following week.  Once the dogs have been photographed and named, our group travels to Ludowici, a 15 minute ride and the home of Miracle Ranch.  Here the group loads, on average, 85 dogs who were transferred to the ranch from Animal control a month earlier.  These dogs are placed in our transport vehicles and driven to their new home, either to our receiving rescues (all no-kill shelters) or to their new family.  Our transport schedule is below.  If you are interested in joining us on any of our caravans, please send an email to  If you can’t join us on these caravan trips but are interested in helping support them, please donate here.  As we are all volunteers, we appreciate any financial help you can provide.  We hope you can join us on one of our future caravans.  We promise you it’s a trip that will change your life.  Thank you.

Our Transport schedule through the end of 2013. Weeks are the number of weeks in between transports. The one in bold is the "Amazing Grace Caravan II.

Leave NJ for GA


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