Animal Gas Chamber

  • Map of states that use the gas chamber

    uptodategasmapIt’s unbelievable that this brutal and inhumane way of euthanizing cats and dogs still exists. Thrown into a box and gassed to death is still legal in 31 states. Please help us stop this. What you can do? Sign our petition and get others to do the same. Thank you.
  • North Carolina's Deepest Shame

    Click to playWarning, the footage you are about to view is extremely disturbing and not intended for children. The purpose of this footage is to show you the barbaric legal way animals are euthanized in many states. We want to stop this. Please help us!
  • Take action team profiles

    In addition to the nearly full-time job of being Administrators on the Take Action Facebook page, here is a look at what the leaders of TA do behind the scenes! Chrissy & Megan are responsible for starting the Facebook page Take Action – Ban Animal Gas Chambers.

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    • Chrissy Roberts

      Lives in the UK and has supported and advocated for animal rights since the 1970s. Chrissy is a qualified riding instructor and has worked in a vet’s surgery, and boarding/breeding kennels. She has fostered many dogs over the years and currently shares her home with Neo, her Great Dane, Byrd, her Conure Parrot, Monkey, her cat, plus various “indoor” and “outdoor” fish! In addition to the Facebook page, Chrissy created a website a few months ago This was done in an effort to make all their information easily available to all. She & Donna are the admins on there.

    • Megan Mason

      Was born and raised in Australia. Currently residing in Michigan, Megan is the proud mother of three adult children and two fur sons, Spike and Chevy. By day, Megan works in retail management. By night, she dedicates much of her time to animal advocacy and raising awareness about the animal gas chamber issue.

    • Sandra Hofmeijer

      is from the Netherlands. Sandra spends her time sharing information about and networking for shelter animals across the United States and is an avid supporter of ending the use of the gas chamber.

    • Abby Gurewitz

      lives in Washington DC with her two rescue dogs. She pushes lots of paper around during the day in an office and by night (and on weekends!) she volunteers at a local shelter and does behind-the-scenes work for Take Action for their Communications and Marketing efforts. You may not see Abby on the Facebook page but she is hard at work supporting TA’s efforts to end the use of the gas chamber.

    • Holly Smith

      lives in Monroe, Louisiana. She has worked on cattle farms, horse farms and in animal shelters. Holly was a vet tech for the two top vets in Monroe. She advocates for spay/neuter programs and putting an end to the animal gas chambers, and counts helping to shut down two puppy mills among her achievements! Holly has always rescued her dogs and now fosters until they can find their forever homes.

    • Iris Drumond

      was born in Amarillo TX and still calls Amarillo home. She is a retired caseworker for Potter/Randall County Cruelty investigations. Iris first saw a gas chamber used in 1974. She immediately protested and was fired as an ACO as a result. That did not deter her though! Iris fought City Hall for many years and finally won - the local gas chamber was shut down. Iris keeps very busy volunteering at her city shelter and the local no-kill shelter

    • Donna Chapman

      lives in Marlton, New Jersey with her two adopted dogs. Donna has always loved animals and advocates for an end to the use of the gas chamber.

    • About Take Action: With leadership across the country and internationally, Take Action is comprised of volunteers who have a wide range of experience in animal welfare issues. We do rescue work, volunteer at shelters, foster adoptable dogs and cats, and we are committed to making the world better and safer for our shelter pets. Ending the use of the gas chamber across our nation’s shelters and replacing it with the more humane method of lethal injection is our number one priority.

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    Contact your Congressman
  • Amazing Grace 7.14.12, face of Grace’s Law which ended the gas chamber in GA on 12.31.10

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Celebrity Support

  1. Euthanizing with a gas chamber is beyond cruel and inhumane.

    Katherine Heigl

    Katherine Heigl

  2. To put these innocent creatures who TRUST us with their futures in the Gas Chamber? How evil, insensitive and inhumane. Is this what we've become? I'm incensed the gas chamber STILL even exists. I dare anyone to witness this torture and call themselves human.

    Priscilla Presley

    Priscilla Presley

  3. As an animal lover and rescuer, I am horrified to hear that in 31 states in America we are euthanizing animals in gas chambers. This is unbelievably barbaric and brutal. They should not have to suffer slow, painful, and traumatic death for human convenience. If we are putting animals down, we should do so humanely and painlessly. Please join us in demanding that gas chambers be banned.

    Sophia Bush

    Sophia Bush

  4. It pains me to the core to know this inhumane method of euthanization exists. Please join us in the fight to end this.

    Beth Ostrosky Stern

    Beth Ostrosky Stern

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