Erica Levins

At a young age Erica began spending time working with animals, but has particularly focused her time on the mistreated, misunderstood, and abandoned.. Most of her volunteer hours were spent with a rescue that receives dogs monthly from the Animal Aid USA transport. Erica’s first trip was April of 2016, and feels that being a volunteer with Animal Aid is by far one of the best experiences a person could ever have.

Along with being an Animal Aid volunteer, Erica is a college student studying Animal Science so she can carry her passion for animals into a career for the rest of her life. Erica really feels enriched being part of the team, and finds every trip to Georgia life changing. She says she loves every trip, mission, and critter along the way of being Animal Aid volunteer, and cannot wait to be a part of many more amazing experiences, proudly declaring herself a lifelong member.