Garrett Walsh

Garrett began volunteering at the Animal Adoption Center in New Jersey in September of 2014. He started by simply spending time at the shelter, socializing with and walking dogs several times a week. From there he moved to community outreach events, accompanying dogs, fielding questions and educating potential adopters on the importance of rescue. With the little free time Garrett has, he also helps with photographing of newly arrived shelter dogs, and has even made several videos for the website. It was through his contacts at the shelter that Garrett learned about Animal Aid in February of 2017.

After several months helping out at the monthly transports in New Jersey, Garrett was honored and excited to join his first caravan to Georgia in August of 2017. While on that first trip Garrett fell in love with one of the dogs, and with Karen’s assistance Garrett and his parents welcomed Leia to the family.

Garrett has plans to join several more caravans in 2018, and hopes to one day have a career caring for animals.
In June of 2019, Matthew Talbot handed the reins of the Junior Division of AAUSA to Garrett. Congratulations Garrett!