Jeanne Popper

Jeanne has 30 years experience in the beauty industry and has been the owner/operator of Red Sails Salon in Long Beach Island, NJ. Jeanne never felt she had time for a pet until Daisy came into her life. When Daisy arrived, people saw a big change in Jeanne and how much Daisy meant to her. After the passing of Daisy, it was 5 months later that Jeanne decided she wanted to rescue another dog. She attended a caravan arrival of Animal Aid USA and was amazed at all of the saved lives, including her own new family member.

In May of 2016, Jeanne went on her first trip to Georgia with Animal Aid USA and became hooked. She tries to make the trip almost every month and in September of 2016 began to foster on a monthly basis, as well. She loves that she can provide security and love for a new beginning for these unwanted pups until they are placed in a forever home. In May of 2017, Jeanne volunteered for a entire week at the Georgia location of Allmon’s Camp Animal Aid. Jeanne now has three rescues, Duke, Macie and Lily and she plans to continue volunteering every month she can.