Linda Schroeder

Recently retired from 35+ years of teaching Special Education, Ms. Schroeder is now devoting herself to rescue full time!

Ms. Schroeder volunteered with the West Milford Animal Shelter for over 20 years. 15 of those years she served as president of the organization. She continues to help in any way she can, from training to running training classes for the volunteers when needed.

Currently, Ms. Schroeder serves on the BOD for a number of wonderful local rescues. She fosters dogs, volunteers her time as a trainer for anyone needing assistance, and helps with fundraising, transports, vetting, and adoptions. She writes about training on the Dog Park Publishing website.

As a pilot, Ms. Schroeder starting “stepping in” on ground transports around 2000. Flying Paws contacted her to join, and she flew with them for a number of years. Other flying groups formed, and she joined them as well. She continues to fly transports with Animal Rescue Flights and rescues who contact her directly.

Ms. Schroeder shares her home with 9 dogs—-7 of which live there permanently. She only adopts dogs who have been labeled “unadoptable”—-aggressive/senior/sick/handicapped. She loves everything she does, and considers herself one of the luckiest people in the world for being able to have the life she lives.