Lonna Brown

Lonna began volunteering with Animal Aid in 2012, balancing her time between a rural animal shelter in Southeast Georgia and being a mother and an animal advocate. She has always maintained a close relationship with dogs, and having four rescues of her own, only made her want to work harder for others. It was in December 2012 that Lonna was made aware of a dog that would later be named Asher. Asher was found roaming, dumped along the abandoned country roads with half his face missing along with other critical wounds from some type of savage attack. Because of Lonna’s swift actions in getting Asher captured, he had a chance to live, despite the horrible condition that he was in. He went into a long term foster home to be rehabilitated, and ultimately, he went on to be adopted by Ilaria Borghese, sister of Lorenzo Borghese.

She presently plays an active role in fostering and transporting animals for Animal Aid, often taking on the disabled or the special case animals. Her experience with animal abuse, local law enforcement and animal control are a valuable asset, and Lonna creates the videos for Animal Aid during the monthly transports when they leave from their base of operations. She also uses her photography skills to showcase animals that are in need of homes, and strives to get that “one photo” that every animal deserves.