Robike Noll-Faries

Born in the Netherlands, raised by her grandparents, Robike immigrated and became a US citizen as a teenager. She returned to Holland every summer, and learned all she could from her Grandmother, who was very active in the Dierenbescherming (Animal Protection Agency) and contributed to the 1962 Dutch Animal Protection Act — still in effect, offering free spay/neuter programs, imposing hefty taxes on dogs purchased from breeders (rather than rescue adoptions), and awarding very stiff jail terms and large fines for animal abuse. As a result, Holland is a country that prides themselves as unique, having no strays animals at all).

It seems only natural that her passion lies with both Animal Advocacy and Rescue. She fosters, transports with various rescues, and also lobbies for laws aimed to crush Puppy Mills in the US. Roe is very comfortable approaching town councils to ask they adopt the Puppy Mill Ordinance, aimed at closing the remaining 25 puppy stores in NJ. She owns Seeitall2 Travel, a travel agency that bears the tag line “a portion of all trips booked with us is donated to Animal Rescue” Home is in North Jersey with 4 dogs, 3 cats and a husband, all 8 are rescues! Roe lives for her 4 days on the road every 28 days with Animal Aid USA and tries never to miss a trip.

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