The story of Asher

facebook951584685810This is Asher! Animal Aid got an urgent plea on facebook from a local Waycross,GA girl for help this poor dog. She had been feeding him and could not catch him for TWO WEEKS. Once she asked us for help we immediately reached out to our contacts in that area, Okefenokee Humane. In less than 24 hours, with the assistance of the local Police , Chief Dennis Hagood we got the phonecall that Ben Hood from Oke had him and we could go pick him up.

Our wonderful Georgia team drove two hours each way to pick him up and take him to our ER Vet, Cedars Animal Hospital in Richmond Hills, GA, who were awaiting his arrival. He is resting comfortably now. Will be a long long road to recovery. He is , of course HW positive! Filled with hookworms and will be hospitalized for days.

December 22, 2012 (After his first night in the hospital) We got off the phone with his vet. She said she thinks it could have been an attack or an abscess from a bite. She said he WILL recover! He is scared BUT not at all aggressive despite all the pain he is in! Here are pics of him from the day he was spotted out in the country to catching and being in our GA girl's car to the vet's office. The vet said typically when they have wounds like this, they are fresh. Never been this far along without medical attention. He is one lucky boy!

We picked his name Asher because in Hebrew it means Happiness and a deep desire for stable and loving family OR community and a promised life blessed with abundance! The COMMUNITY part of the definition GOT US! It took an entire community to save this boy! He is our Christmas Miracle! Please consider donating to his care. Thank you!!!

Asher was later adopted by Ilaria Borghese who lives on a farm in NJ. He has made a full recovery. Thank you for all that supported.