Animal Aid USA is the combination of two wonderful not-for-profit organizations, M.O.M.S and Carpathia Paws. Although our combined company is new, our work is not. See what some of the groups and people we’ve worked with have to say about us. We don’t mind bragging when it comes to saving animals.

  1. While working at the Animal Adoption Center, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the MOMS rescue and have been a loyal follower ever since. Not only is the work they do selfless, but it is also life changing. In many ways Karen and her group are the only hope many pets in the south still have for survival and love. My support will continue for this amazing team for as long as they keep up their mission.


  2. We adopted Coco our 9 year old Border Collie mix thru Mom's Rescue. We are also volunteer transporters who take the dogs and the occasional cat from NJ to their forever homes farther north. We feel so blessed to to be a part of this wonderful organization and be able to meet the wonderful people who open their homes and their hearts to our furry friends.

    Jim and Jackie

  3. I just wanted to let you know how much M.O.M.S. and Carpathia Paws has changed my life. I remember getting a phone call from my friend Amanda asking that giving my experience with large dogs if I had room in my house for another Rotti. Of course without hesitation I said YES! It was at that time I was introduced to you and your wonderful organization. That Rotti was our "DORI" we loved her so as many know Dori was Heartworm positive. She bore many scars of her life in Georgia. Dori required special treatment and handling given her extensive condition. She was slow but loving, handicapped but attentive. All the dogs in my home would gather around her lick her and give her the comfort she longed for. Dori's love was instant. She looked in my eyes the very first day and I remember whispering to her, despite her condition she mustered up a lick and at that point she had my heart. Dori's journey ended exactly where it started...In my arms..or connection maintained until the end. I remember sitting on the floor with her closing her eyes knowing from that moment on my life would never be the same. She rescued me and allowed me to feel things for the very first time.
    I continued to work with M.O.M.S. and using Facebook to view dogs and share them with other sin my circle of rescuers and possible adoptive families. I remember seeing a picture of this big bully "DINO" I like the crazy person many believe me to be would talk to his photo knowing I wanted to help. On that caravan I remember being asked to foster another dog and like fate I ended up in parking lot and left with Dino in my car. Dino leaned into me the whole way home and since has never left my side. When he first came to me he did not know how to be a dog. I did my best to try and introduce him to possible families. When I tried to walk away and let them have some time alone Dino went to the door sat down and leaned his head against it almost trying to push it open. I tried again only to have Dino go and sit in the corner bow his head down and not move. Needless to say he has made himself quite comfortable in our home and with our now four dog family. I always knew Dino and I had a special connection. He is never more than two feet behind me and wants nothing more than to be held. I have witnessed his fears and scars from his previous life. I never realized how strong our connection truly was until I saw his picture on internet and saw the photo taken of him at the shelter and realizing how far he has really come. his eyes were so sad and confused. Now they are bright and full of life. To see him play is heartwarming. These dogs are not broken or used they are survivors. The lessons have learned from them and from M.O.M.S. has changed everything about me and my family. It changes your perspective and fills your heart with such love. While it may stop us from taking vacations or stay out late at night it never stops us from loving or feeling fulfilled and fort hat I am grateful to you and your wonderful organization. Thank you for letting us be apart of it and many more endeavors in the future!
    Love Always,

    Melissa Edwards

  4. We adopted our dog "Azra" (formerly named Julian) from Carpathia Paws in Georgia (Oct. 2,2011), everyone we spoke to that made this happen was so helpful and we could not be happier

    Mike & Cheryl Emery

  5. I hope my life is modeled after Karen Talbot and the people associated with MOMS. I only wish I could contribute to the degree these fine people do.
    God bless all of you for your devotion to these animals.

    Joanne McCauley Collier

  6. My involvement with M.O.M.S. Rescue and Carpathia Paws started with the adoption of my dog,Finn,in early 2011. Having just lost my dog of 14 yrs.,I was uncertain about ever finding that "bond" again. This organization,has only brought pure enrichment to my life,and I hope to become more involved. I recently attended a transport arrival,and words cannot express the inner joy and satisfaction that I experienced joining others for the cause of helping these beautiful,defenseless animals-awareness and education is what I intend to spread with this organization. Karen,and all involved do not impose,but stand with clear determination,unbelievable support, resources and organization as they move forward in this cause...to make our world a better place for all.

    Susan Sikorski

  7. Recently I have had the honor of being a friend of the Mom's Rescue.
    I am in awe of their dedication and compassion for the dogs and cats that they rescue. I can't explain the magic every time they return from Georgia with so many needy animals. All of the rescues come together and help to find homes for each and every one of them.
    The one event that stands out in my mind had over 100 dogs that came from Georgia. It was an event of grand proportion. On this particular transport a dog named Lizzy and her nine puppies were rescued. Lizzy had be burned by a human (if you can call them that) who had poured hot oil on her back. She suffered 3rd degree burns. She was rescued in Georgia by Carpathia Paws. Mom's then took her on their transport, nursed her back to health and found her a loving home. The work they do is nothing short of remarkable. I know there will be more stories like Lizzy's and I know Mom's and all of the other rescues will be there to help them.

    Cindy Bigham

  8. My name is Kristin Santilli and I am a 3rd grade teacher at Folsom School in Folsom, NJ. My school has worked closely along with Karen and the M.O.M.S organization. We had the pleasure of having not only Prince Lorenzo Borghese here at our school, but also the women from Carpathia Paws in Hinesville, Ga and a representative from the HSUS. Our students learned that day that no pets should be bought from a pet store or a breeder. There are so many unwanted, neglected, and abused animals who make the perfect pet. In fact, I have rescued 4 "furbabies" from the M.O.M.S and I can honestly say they are the best dogs ever! Dealing with Karen and the members of the whole organization has always been positive and these men and women give everything they have to save as many as possible. With just this one organization, which started out small, is now growing, has ALOT of support, including myself. They may not be able to save EVERY animal, but you can bet they will try!!!!

    Kristin Santilli

  9. Baywater Animal Rescue is proud to be part of the team. It's so rewarding when the dogs arrive and show just how happy they are to be with us.

    Baywater Animal Rescue

  10. The MOMS rescue organization, with its founder and driving force Karen Talbot, have the highest reputation from Georgia through New England. They make it EASY to help pull, foster, rescue and to adopt an animal where distance may be a problem. In the often-heartbreaking and stressful world of rescue, Karen is the solution expert. I have been working with Ms. Talbot for years, and have always had a positive and successful experience with her. Anyone looking for a place to make a charitable donation, this is it. Period. Every cent goes toward saving lives, and they have saved thousands! The MOMS rescue is filled with dedicated, loving, and knowledgeable people willing to go the extra mile. They come with the highest reputation, which is well-deserved. They are honest, and work harder than any other group I have had experience with! Rescue groups, shelters, rescuers, and individual adopters all rate them #1!!

    Linda A Schroeder