Kristin Santilli

Kristin’s passion is teaching tomorrow’s youth and helping in the cause of rescuing animals. Kristin first became associated with Karen Talbot of Animal Aid (at the time was MOMS) in 2011, when she and her partner rescued their first dog, Bella, from Hinesville. As the “furfamily” grew (having rescued another 4 more dogs from rural Georgia, 2 of which are special needs dogs), so did her desire to become part of the rescue family. Kristin and her partner have opened their home to numerous fosters over the past 2 years, she has made the trip to Georgia with the caravan twice.

Kristin has involved her school in donation efforts and fundraising efforts along with school groups attending transport arrival to help unload puppies and give baths. She arranges for classrooms to “sponsor” dogs, and she arranged for Animal Aid USA’s co-founder, Prince Lorenzo Borghese to appear at the school to represent Animal Aid on the school’s Community Day on more than one occasion. However, Kristin’s main contributions to Animal Aid, is on the receiving end of the transport arrival, in which she transports dogs onto receiving rescues in PA. It is Kristin’s goal to one day develop a curriculum to not only use in her school but to bring into the schools in rural Georgia to educate the future about the importance of spaying and neutering and proper care of animals. She feels it is the children, our future generations we must reach in order to make a change for the future of animals.