Barbara Boyle

Barbara has known Karen since she went to high school with her daughter. After seeing a strangely painted bus at Karen’s house, she just assumed that Karen was a “grown-up hippy”! She did not realize until 2011, that Karen’s mission in life was to rescue animals. Barbara and her husband Tom made the trip to Georgia when Karen’s rescue effort was in its infancy. At that time, some months there were only four people and drivers were hard to find. Since that time, Animal Aid USA has certainly grown with a waiting list to be able to make the trip each month!
In 2014 during a trip to Georgia, Barbara and Tom fell in love with what she calls their “rescue failure” Cody. After talking Tom into enlarging their doggie door from bichon size to accommodate Cody and all his 130 lbs., they are the proud parents of the most lovable dog in the world.
Currently, Tom has changed jobs and they cannot make the trip to Georgia but now help transport the rescues to Saved Me, a receiving rescue in Northern Liberties and remain very active in helping out with fund raisers.