Our rescue/relocation model

Many people are asking where they can see pictures of all the dogs and puppies that we rescue. When we refer to “we”, it means just that. It takes an entire army to come together and all do what they do best. Animal Aid USA does NOT directly adopt out any of the rescued pets, therefore Animal Aid takes no adoption fee from any of the animals that go to our rescue partners.  If you are interested in adopting a rescued pet, we will be happy to direct you to the appropriate organization to go through their adoption process.

We have reached out to facilities, adoption organizations and rescue groups who participate in pulling animals from other states. We have taken the logistics out of long distance rescue by self- containing the whole rescue model. Each month, our rescue partners select which dogs/puppies they want for their organization to then adopt out, based on their communities adoptive requests.  If an adopter has a certain breed, age and size in mind that they are looking to adopt for their families, and we are able to provide those animals to our rescue partners, it prevents that same family from going to a puppy mill store and buying one.

We save as many adults as we do puppies. We pull from all the shelters who are partnered with us and in some cases, WE are the only outlet for them since many rural shelters do NOT allow public adoptions. If a local family surrenders (or dumps) a litter of puppies without the Mom, we require that they allow us to spay the Mom. A mommy is NEVER left behind if the owner allows us to take the Mom. We offer outside kennel enclosures to community members to take their dogs off chains. If a dog is heartworm positive, that dog is fixed and heartworm treated in GA with immiticide injections PRIOR to coming to our rescue partner.

All the transportation of the animals is done by our team of volunteers. We make no transport fee and are not reimbursed by any organization.

We monetarily support the entire rescue relocation model and deliver to the doorsteps of the receiving rescue partners, vetted animals accompanied with all their medical paperwork and health certifications. A veterinarian is onsite at our arrival point as well, to oversee the animals.  By providing vetted animals to the receivers it helps to offset the costs of pulling a totally unvetted dog from the local county shelters in their communities.  Our organization holds many licenses, as well as being part of the voluntary registration in the state in which we are based and live (NJ). All the rescued lives are not coming to our home state of NJ. They go to receiving rescues all over the country from our arrival point.

We provide spay and neuter programs and have also donated a fully equipped mobile spay and neuter clinic in rural Georgia that has become very proactive in reducing the numbers of unwanted animals born each day. While we may not see a dramatic change to the numbers today, rest assured by providing children with the education, resources and awareness we are empowering them to make a change in their world.

We are recognized by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and they often they travel with us to GA. We all assist in our own communities as well with lifesaving efforts such as sponsoring spay / neuter clinics, vaccine clinics, food distribution programs, owner surrenders and supply drives. There are many unscrupulous “rescue” organizations out there who take full advantage of unwanted animals however we are looking to change the mindset of this practice with leading by example. We are successful in our efforts because we all work together as one.