Edward Salzano

In 1991 Mr. Salzano founded Cutting Edge F/X (CEF/X) a communications research Company that was subsidized and purchased by Globix Corporation, a global Internet Service Provider. Through his efforts with Globix, Mr. Salzano developed the Interactive Media Group, and the Streaming Media group and was a key participant in raising 280 million dollars for Globix. Mr Salzano was the original producer and animation director for “Dora the Explorer”. He started INTV which purchased Pseudo.com which is now Pseudo Entertainment. Designed and built the first interactive studio for Rainbow Media/Cablevision’s show entitled “New York Central” (which later became “FUSE”. Worked as a producer for NBC’s Non stop New York digital channel. Mr. Salzano also produced and starred in “Runaway Squad” an A&E original reality show. He was an associate Producer for “We Live in Public” which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance film festival. Mr. Salzano has several animated and non scripted televisions properties pending.