Jennifer Skiff

Jennifer Skiff is an award-winning journalist, author and animal advocate. Her inspirational books, God Stories: Inspiring Encounters with the Divine and The Divinity of Dogs, are published globally and have held multiple #1 positions on bestseller lists.

For more than a decade Jennifer traveled the world working as an investigative environmental correspondent for CNN. Her programs promoting animal welfare have aired on The Discovery Channel and networks globally. Among other honors, she’s received the prized Environmental Media Award.

Passionate about animals and their welfare, Jennifer works with charities throughout the world to bring relief to abused and abandoned animals. She led the successful campaign to build the first bear sanctuary in Laos, and initiated the release of twelve chained monkeys back into their natural habitat in Indonesia. Skiff is a Trustee of the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Australia and the SPCAHC in the United States. She also serves as an ambassador, advisor and spokesperson to other animal charities including the Humane Society of the United States, Fix Georgia Pets and Animal Aid USA.

With her favorite Aussie and three beloved rescue dogs, Jennifer spends her life in perpetual summer between Maine and Australia.