Natalie DiStefano

Natalie has been volunteering for animal rescues since 2014. Her first caravan with Animal Aid USA was in May 2016 and has been on several more trips. She produced a short video at her high school, Owen J Roberts, asking for basic donations to include toys, towels, water bowls, etc. She also collaborated with her mom to set up a donation box at her workplace and together they received an entire van full of donations. Natalie has encouraged classmates to volunteer, either on caravans to Georgia or even at local shelters. She created a slideshow presentation for her classmates, informing them on the harshness of puppy mills and how adopting an animal from the shelter opens up a space for another animal to have a chance at a forever home.

She is also a volunteer for a dog search and rescue group since 2016, assisting with posting lost dog posters and even helped catch numerous dogs. She also volunteers with Murray County, a rescue located in Georgia. She has donated supplies to them and fostered 7 puppies and their mother, raising each one with love and care until they were ready to be adopted to loving families. She strives to continue to educate and inform peers about volunteering with rescues, as well as not buying a pet from a pet store, and instead, adopting an animal from rescues like those in the Animal Aid USA family.