Phil Draughon

For as long as Phil can remember, there have always been dogs following him around the house. Phil owns his own software development firm and has the luxury of being able to work from home. This is important because sometimes, the dogs that find themselves living under Phil’s roof are difficult to place by the vet or shelter.

After reading Grace’s story on, he knew that he had to help in any way that he could. Because of his perserverance, Phil was rewarded with the opportunity to adopt Grace from her foster home in Liberty County, Georgia. Of course, he snapped at it. After bringing Amazing Grace home to Illinois, ideas that Phil had for several years began to solidify. He knew that helping animals was a calling.

He helped found an animal welfare organization in his area then worked on a team to help pass a law in Georgia outlawing gas chambers for killing homeless animals. Phil occasionally works with Southern Animal Rescue to ferry dogs out of the south and into waiting homes. He has made trips to Texas, Georgia and Pennsylvania to pick up dogs tofoster or for permanent placement, some of whom live with him permanently. Phil is the Director of Emergency Management for Animal Aid USA.