Regina McDonald

Like many Animal Aid volunteers, Regina and three friends participated in a Caravan and her life was forever changed. The reality of dogs rescued from random dumping grounds and kill shelters in the surrounding area affected her deeply. Her life was changed even more profoundly when she met Peanut, a little Chihuahua mix that had been found with a sibling a few weeks earlier, starved and covered in mange in a bathroom stall. Peanut was among 100 or so dogs that would be brought home North to a new life the next day. He was special. He had been through a horrible experience and yet he was sweet and trusting. She fell in love instantly and knew he had to be a part of her family. Peanut’s safety and others like him is why getting the word out is so important to her.

She is eternally grateful to Karen and her amazing team for being the voice for these lost and forgotten souls and she is proud to be a part of it all. Regina looks forward to each and every trip. Her work as a Medical Esthetician and Bartender have allowed for flexibility in her schedule to enjoy her favorite activities of paddle boarding with her dogs, furniture restoration, meditation and traveling with Animal Aid.