Tara DiBattista

As an elementary school teacher for 18 years, Tara finds a great sense of accomplishment in affecting today’s children to become tomorrow’s responsible and educated adults in the world of Animal Welfare. Impressing the importance of spay/neuter and adopt vs shop upon children at a young age gives them the tools to become responsible pet owners and animal advocates of tomorrow. Many of her students have volunteered at an Animal Aid USA Sunday Morning arrival, as well as participating in collections of donations. Some families of students have adopted animals rescued and brought north by Animal Aid USA.

Tara participates in the monthly caravans as often as she comes, as well as fostering for Woof Love, one of our receiving rescues. She also is the lead organizer of Pet Pals, partnering with educators in Georgia and was recently asked to form a Dog Lovers Club at a local Day Camp. Tara lives with her husband, two sons, and 3 rescue dogs, and heads the Animal Aid education division.

Please feel free to reach out to Tara with educational inquiries and questions at: dibattistat@animalaidusa.org