Monthly Caravans

Each month the volunteers of Animal Aid drive from Southern NJ to Georgia. There, they visit rural animal control facilities to take pictures of dogs in need.  These facilities are not a “shelter”. They are kill facilities that provide no medical care and no public adoptions are permitted.


Any animal picked up by animal control has only 2 ways to make it out:

1) Euthanized and in a plastic bag

2) If a licensed rescue comes forward to save them.  That’s where we come in!

Our rescue volunteers visit animal control, interact with the pets being held and take pictures to send to our network of receiving rescues. Once a receiving rescue has committed to accept a pet, the pet is pulled from the kill shelter and either placed with a foster family.  In foster care they receive veterinary treatment, healthy nutrition and most importantly, LOVE!   These pets stay with their foster families until they are fully healthy and ready for adoption.


Our group transports, on average, 300 dogs per month to our receiving rescues (all no-kill shelters and organizations) or to their new family.  Sadly, without our help, over 90% of these pets would not make it out alive.



We are always happy to have volunteers join us on our monthly rescue missions!  If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to,

We promise you it’s a trip that will change your life!  


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