Suzanne Gutin

Suzanne lives in South Jersey with her very supportive husband Barry, 2 children, Shayna and Harrison and her 2 fur babies Oliver and Carson. Carson is a foster failure. She was caring for his pregnant Mom, Millie, who had to have a cesarean section to deliver her litter. Millie was probably under a year old. Even though her first foster experience was a little traumatic, it turned out well and she has continued to lovingly accept fosters into her family until forever homes can be found.
Suzanne’s first encounter with Animal Aid was at a benefit where she met Karen and watched Matthew’s movie “The Sound of Silence”. It really touched her heart and she immediately knew she wanted to be a part of the extraordinary monthly transports that save so many lives. Her first transport was in April 0f 2016 and she has been on almost every trip since. She has recruited her family to volunteer with her on these monthly trips. Her daughter, mother, sister and nieces are all part of the Animal Aid team now and Suzanne is extremely grateful to be able to share this wonderful journey with those she loves. She traveled with AAUSA to Houston for a week to help after Hurricane Harvey and recently found it most gratifying to drive with a team to Colorado to deliver a beautiful Great Pyrenees to his forever home.
Volunteering is nothing new to Suzanne, but she finds Animal Aid USA to be the best organization she has ever been involved with. The dedication she sees from people here and in Georgia is unmatched. Being involved with people of all ages and all walks of life who when on a mission to save animals becomes a force that is truly one, and definitely one of the best, makes her heart extremely happy.