Taylor Millwood

Taylor Millwood’s love for animals started at an early age. Growing up, she would always see dogs abandoned on the side of road and roaming the streets in her town. Since then she has always felt the need to take care of them and make a difference. The niece of Rick and Nancy Allmon, she spends most of her time helping at Camp Animal Aid, caring for the hundreds of animals they receive a month. Taylor assists with vaccines, taking pictures of the animals, and the daily maintenance at Camp. She also fosters every month, and in 2016 she became a foster failure when she adopted her dog Rosie. A recent high school grad, Taylor plans to attend University of Georgia to become a Veterinarian. Her hope is to use her voice and education to help stop animal cruelty and puppy mills and to be a force for change for her generation, improving the future for all animals. Taylor lives in Georgia with her 3 dogs and 5 cats.