Rescue Caravan – October 2020

The Animal Aid Caravan rolled into New Jersey on Sunday with 206 rescued pups! Every pup that comes through this rescue organization has a story. This month had a few stories that really stood out and were especially heartbreaking. There is Rusty, who was found near death locked crate in a port-a-pot, or Asta who was found purposefully starved to death. There is poor Sugar, a hunting dog that needed a leg amputation but whose owner would rather euthanize her because she couldn’t hunt on three legs. There is also Lucky who had an owner that loved him. Lucky and his owner were betrayed by family members that separated them and locked his owner in a mental facility and him in a shelter. Please visit our website to visit our adopt tab and connect with our rescue partners that take on these beautiful souls. If you can’t adopt at this time please consider making a donation to our organization so we can continue helping all these pups!